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After taking Diflucan I had answer all over my body of itiching actually awful for 2 days. Between appendages toes base of feet. All over whole body. Reason for using: recurring vulvar yeast infection.Side Effects: dizziness, more dischargeNothing was assisting me with my yeast diseases, so my medical practitioner put me on 1 tablet every 3 days because she said i had a vulvar yeast contamination, which is a yeast contamination on the skin of the vagina. It worked wonders after endeavouring everything, even preceding diflucan tablets, but one time a week. She said the remedy required to be more powerful and nearer simultaneously because those kinds of yeast are harder to get relieve of. About 2 hours after taking the tablet i furthermore took acidophilus. now i just take acidophilus everyday to hold me yeast free Reason for using: reoccuring yeast infections.Side Effects: I have only taken it in a one dose pattern in the past. Have not endeavoured it for rather a couple of years but was worried about side effects if I did. It did help therapy the difficulty in the past but then the yeast came back. Feel beeter utilising cream.Have been thriving with change of diet and homeopathic cream. Avoid sugar and coffee. Reason for using: recurring vaginal thrush.Side Effects: NoneI usually take a 150mg dose and this clears the contamination if I take it early enough. Sometimes I take a every week 50 mg course for a month. This usually surges me over for 6 months which is a pleasant break. I have endeavoured EVERYTHING. Acidophilus, diet, detox.... it still arrives back. Reason for using: yeast infection.Side Effects: Nausea and minor dizziness.I took an antibiotic for a sinus contamination and after a couple of days evolved awful itching!! Dr. prescribed one dose remedy of Diflucan, I took it yesterday and the side effects didn't start until this morning. Symptoms of yeast contamination appear to be a little better today. I just don't like this ill feeing!!!